Sunday, March 25, 2007

Configure My MacPro Book

I was trying to install biopython releated module into my Mac. I am still new to MacOX.

I found Fink to install think. From the first tried, I failed to install bioperl. So it is not as easy as I expected.
I also need to install Apple developer package which require a free registration.

So far I experienced MacOS:

1. Wireless connection is good: reliable but somehow I felt the connection speed is slow.
2. The mouse is hard to click, very rigid.
3. Multi-media is good. Once put a CD in, it can automatically recoginzed it. Same things for DV camera. I tried this on Windows, after install required software, it is still hard to do.
4. The screen is bright, expecially good to work outside
5. No developer program installed by default. Xcode, fink needed
6. Dash board is handy, especially the dictionary
7. I can not use Kingword, which is a English-Chinese dictionary that use mouse to capture the work from screen can translate into Chinese automatically
8. Sound is good.
9. Not every program is available on MacOS. such as camtaria
10. Powerbutton is too obvious. It is not good to have little kids around. My son, 1 year old contantly cause me trouble
11. Email program Entourage is slow

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