Monday, March 26, 2007

Fink is not as easy as it sounds like

I did not realize that in MacOS there are still lot of things that you can not do easily.

Such as fink. If you can not find fink in a stable list ( I am trying to do it for unstable list), it is not trival to install a packages. Because a lot of time, a package may have dependencies. It is tedious to install them manually one by one.

I am trying to find a way to look for unstable packages (unstable does not means bad, it refers sometimes to "not enough tested" in fink.

First attempt to find "fink list" only has mysql4, but after fink selfupdate and select rsync, it did update the list to use mysql5. But I still can not install biopython, which is in unstable package list.

Things needs to be careful:

1. After default fink install even from the latest version, it still needs to run
fink selfupdate, so the package can udpate by itself.

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