Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An actionable LEGO DNA model

How to make a DNA model that children like to play instead just looking cool is a question that I have been thinking for the past year. I built one using magnet pieces last month that really got my 6 years old daughter interested in. It is a good start.

Some new designs of my LegoDNA fun endeavour

Some new designs of DNA double helix model using 100% LEGO pieces.

Virus Model as a Maker Faire Landmark

I built a T4 Phage model. Phage is a virus that "eats" bacteria. Because the big size of it, I often heard people saying "My booth is near the Virus model".

Learned from the Education day experiences, I want to add some LED lights to the virus model to make it more attractive to children.

Maker Faire 2009

It was a great fun last year at Maker Faire. That was the second time for me to exhibit my models. It was satisfying to see how people from small children to adults enjoyed interacting with my models.